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Have you ever wondered how celebrities' eyebrows always look amazing? Well, now you can have amazing eyebrows too! Follow these helpful tips, hints, and beauty tricks with your LAMIK Celebrity Brow Kit.


  • The impact of your eyebrows should balance with the rest of your face and hair.
  • If you have naturally thin brows or fine hair and/or petite features, your eyebrows should be slender.
  • In contrast, if you have naturally thick eyebrows and/or larger features, you should be bolder.


  • Eyebrows frame 75% of your face.
  • Eyebrow arching is based on your natural eyebrow shape.
  • Eyebrow hair is very sensitive to injury.


  • Using The Celebrity Brow Kit will achieve your brows maximum celebrity appeal.
  • Celebrity Brow Kit includes:
    LAMIK Brow Brush
    Purdy Brow Define Powder
    Brightening Crème
  • To define your brows correctly, use the LAMIK brow brush for precise application.
  • Start by applying the Purdy Brow Define Powder to the brows filling in sparse hairs and completing the brow for definition (can be used on full to no eyebrows)
  • Under your eyebrows on your brow bone with the same brow brush, apply the Brightening Crème emphasizing on the brow bone creating a natural highlighted effect.
Now you have the same brows as your favorite celeb. Whats your desired eyebrow name?

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