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Lamik Beauty- Love And Makeup In Kindness

la mik (la-meek) noun, single

1. A reconstitution of beauty. 2. The principle guidance in cosmetic/makeup affairs.
3. The philosophy of beauty. 4. A lifestyle, look LAMIK.

Lamik Beauty is the first eco-chic makeup brand, including facial care and eyelashes. Lamik gives makeup a new purpose, women a new zeal for applying it, and a healthy platform for its existence. Every woman is empowered by being included, all races and ages.

Looking at beauty under a different microscope, LAMIK believes simply that beauty is revealed… not applied. The belief is depicted in the impeccable collection of LAMIK beauty products that has revolutionized the beauty industry. The LAMIK experience is guided by the necessities of life, and what excites aesthetic admiration. Each product has been constructed through research, quality ingredients, experimentation, and proven excellence.

LAMIK gives beauty a new purpose, women a new zeal for applying, and a healthier existence. Every skin tone benefits from the wide range of colors introduced by this line. From a fresh girl look to a glamorous vixen you are included for every race and age.
Facial Care
Engineering such an advanced beauty cleanser, toner, and moisturizers make this line dependable in performance and its influencing factors- water, botanicals, and aloe vera properties make for the attributes that follow a healthy, manicured face.
Make a “Lashing” impression is the new statement. The LAMIK lash concept is an intricate adornment to your look naturally or dramatically.




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